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Five Random Facts About "The Best Team in East Anglia"

I'm honestly just posting this because I'm bored, and because it amuses me how much this story has changed in various ways while I was planning it. Also, it's no secret that I love research and spend way too much time on it, and some of the facts will certainly show this.
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rose, doctor who


Someone in the discussion on "Bottle Understanding" should bring up the theory that the *real* AU element here is that Harry is really a clone of Snape who was brought to Trio Era via timetravel and substituted in for baby Harry, who really died in Voldemort’s attack on the Potters’ house. It’s all an elaborate scheme thought up by Dumbledore (who in this universe is not just a bit of a chessmaster, but evil besides – after all, evil!Dumbledore often goes hand in hand with Snape apologism ) to cover up the fact that Voldemort’s still alive and well, just pursuing a love affair in France with a powerful part-Veela vixen, lulling the public into a false sense of security so when he comes back he’ll win, easy. After all, this Harry Potter isn’t really the Chosen One. This explains quite simply why the Harry in this story doesn’t act like the real Harry.


Or, you know, they’re just using the AU element to justify characterization derailment. But my explanation’s more fun.